According to sources, North Korea has expressed willingness and consent over meeting the US for talks on Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea has confirmed to the US administration that it is committed to Denuclearization and is ready to talk to the US regarding the same.denuclearization

Sources also confirmed that Kim Jong Un is committed to meeting Donald Trump and discuss the topic at length.

An administration official said “The U.S. has confirmed that Kim Jong Un is willing to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,”

Kim Jong has sent a clear message with South Korean emissaries, who visited the US last month that he wanted to meet and discuss issues with Donald Trump, who clearly agreed.

After that message through South Korea, North Korea has been silent and made no comments even as Kim visited China recently in his first visit outside Korea after his father died in 2011. It was the Wall street journal who first published the report of North Koreas peace offer to the US.

Trump was dead sure that he wanted to meet Kim Jong un asap and wanted the meeting before the end of May this year.

Also Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to coordinate strategy between the allies, is scheduled to make a two-day visit with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, the president’s resort near Palm Beach, Florida

Moreover, a meeting is being planned between South Korean president Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Kim in the end of April in the demilitarized zone

There is no information from the US where the Trump and Kim meeting will be held. Moreover, there is no clarity over the agenda of the meeting. North Korea has shown no clarity of what steps it plans to take to denuclearize itself.

North Korea wants all economic sanctions removed in return for freezing its nuclear weapons and has had meetings regarding the same with previous US administrations.



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