Recently on Wednesday China announced a series of changes aimed at strengthening its global presence and influence which also included creating a centralized news service to enhance the communication of the ruling Communist Party’s message at home and abroad

New Propaganda For China

China is going for a larger overhaul of government functions which will also see an increased role for the United front work department which is a shadowy organization which has been accused of trying to manipulate and mis-maneuver politics abroad.

The Party’s Central Propaganda Department will take full and direct responsibility for print, news and movies away from the central government, as was stated in an announcement published by the official Xinhua news agency

China has been tightening censorship and is making efforts to dictate the outlook and positivity of content, this is why it is putting these branches of the media directly under the party’s control.

In the process of carrying out the party’s propaganda guidelines and policies, the control of radio and television will be placed under a separate government run organization which will take care of the media mediums.

China wants the broadcast media to act as the party’s mouthpiece ,as announced earlier.

This is a part of a process of consolidating CCTV, China Radio International and China National Radio into one super broadcaster , answerable to the Central Propaganda Department.

Programs for foreign audiences will be titled and rebranded as Voice of China, as was stated in an announcement.

The United Front Work Department will have its prominence enhanced and increased. The United Department is an agency which works to promote ties between the Communist Party and the non-communist elite, which includes other political parties, former government officials, religious groups and overseas Chinese citizens.

The United Front Work Department, under the new arrangement, will have complete responsibility for work related to China’s ethnic minority groups, religious management and contact with overseas Chinese, which is seen as an important constituency for Beijing’s propaganda efforts.

As per Chinese President Xi Jinping the United Front Work Department is a magic weapon in the countries soft arsenal, although it has come under increased criticism for what some say are covert efforts to influence politics in other countries.

Only time will tell whether the new Chinese media approach will be a success or an effort in vain and disdain.


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