New Delhi The amount of fighting and fighting that goes on in the Bigg Boss house is also fun. Contestants fight each other as much as they fight each other. Something similar happened on the 15th day of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. On Monday, on the 15th day, the English took each other’s English test. During this, Paras Chhabra and Siddharth Dey asked Shahnaz some spelling, Jinta Shahnaz gave the wrong answer, after which Paras and Siddharth dragged him. However, later Siddhartha himself got caught in his English affair.

Actually, it happened that Paras asked Shahnaz that what is the spelling of glasses i.e. ‘Goggle’ on which Shahnaz is spelling ‘Gogle’ After this, Paras starts clapping while mocking him. After this, Dabboo asks Malik Shehnaz the spelling of ‘Archimedes’ and Shehnaz also tells her wrong. After this, there is a discussion between Siddharth and Aarti about ‘Hairs’. Aarti says that hair is never a word and Siddharth tells them that heirs are spoken when two different people have hair.

After this, Siddharth asks Shahnaz to translate a line connected to Paras in English, but Paras asks him to translate it in reverse. After this, Siddharth also translates the reverse line of the line and the contestants start mocking him. Watch video


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