India’s press freedom ranking possesses a blow because it fell 2 places to 138 in line with a watchdog on Wednesday. The annual report damn physical violence against Indian Journalists like Gauri Lankesh because of the main reason for this debacle.

Norway is correct on high of the list with the world’s freest press for the second year in an exceeding row and Asian country remained the foremost press repressing country followed by African nation, state, Asian country so ChinaPress freedom

India has fallen 2 lace to return 138th out of a hundred and eighty countries. The report issued a warning that hate crime may be a major issue plaguing Indian press.

The report aforementioned “Hate speech is additionally a problem within the continent’s alternative large, India, that has fallen another 2 places to 138th. Ever since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, Hindu fundamentalists are touching on journalists in very violent terms”.

Also the report explicit  “Any fact-finding coverage that annoys the ruling party or any criticism of Hindutva, elicits a torrent of online insults and incorporate the death of the communicator or author accountable, most of it coming back from the prime minister’s troll army”.

The case of Gauri Lankesh World Health Organization was shot dead outside her residence in Bengaluru in Sept 2017 because the main reason for the autumn within the rating.

According to the report “The editor, Gauri Lankesh was gunned down outside her direct Sept when being the target of hate speech and death threats for criticising Hindu control, the class structure and discrimination against women”.

“The physical violence against journalists is basically chargeable for India’s low ranking. a minimum of 3 journalists was dead in reference to their work. a lot of were killed in circumstances that were unclear, as is usually the case in rural areas, wherever reporters square measure poorly paid,” in line with the RSF ranking.

China maintained its position because the a hundred and seventy-fifth for two years in an exceeding row.

Chinas oppressive regime has place strict restrictions on the media and its censorship and police work of its voters has reached mammoth proportions thanks to the employment of police work technology and not simply the press however additionally standard voters may be imprisoned for sharing antigovernment or anti-china content on social networks or whereas chatting



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