In Greater Noida
Noida and Greater Noida, the exercise to complete Amrapali ‘s unfinished projects has started. On the order of the Supreme Court, UCO Bank has released an online link to receive payments from buyers. Currently, buyers can only pay online. Offline payment facility will also be started soon. After receiving the funds, the National Building Construction Company (NBCC) will complete the incomplete project and hand it over to the buyers. Soon the same link will be given on the website of Noida and Greater Noida Authority for payment of arrears.

Last month, during the hearing of Amrapali’s case, the Supreme Court had asked home buyers to deposit the outstanding amount with the bank. For this, information had to be given on the website of UCO Bank that where and how money can be deposited in the bank. Now UCO Bank has prepared the payment format. For this, an account has been opened in UCO Bank under the name of ‘Supreme Court Amrapali Buyers Project’. According to information issued by UCO Bank, the court receiver R.K. On the instructions of Venkatramani, payment is to be taken from the home buyers.

In this way
, for payment, home buyers of all Amrapali projects will have to login on UCO Bank website At the bottom of the website page you will find Supreme Court Amrapali BuyersA link will be found in the name of the project. A new page will open as soon as it is clicked. In this, the buyer will have to fill the entire detail. After clicking on the project name here, the names of Amrapali’s 28 projects will come out of which you have to choose the one in which you have taken home. This is followed by tower number, flat number, registration or agreement number, name of the buyer (both first party and second party options), husband or father’s name, house price, other payments, total amount, mobile number and email Id have to fill in the given options. After feeding all this information, pressing the summit will open a separate page for payment. It will be paid online. Along with the payment, the receipt will be generated, which you will have to save for your record or take print.

Warns buyers
The bank has warned that all the payments will be from this URL only. No other mode will be adopted for payment. Offline payment facility is also ready to start soon.

Banks will release funds to buyers.
During the hearing last month, the Supreme Court was informed that buyers have taken loans from the bank to buy the flats, but now the banks are not releasing funds. The Supreme Court has issued notices to such banks. It is believed that now these banks will also have to release funds for buyers. Buyers will get payment notice

The forensic auditor has a list of buyers’ dues. The Supreme Court has asked the forensic auditors to share the list of dues with the court receiver. Based on this, the court receiver will send the demand letter to buyers. After this, buyers will deposit money within 3 months. NBCC will then start work to complete the incomplete construction.

This is the action plan of NBCC
NBCC needs Rs 8515 crore to complete the unfinished project. According to the company’s plan, funds of Rs 11 thousand 320 crore can be raised from various items. Of this, Rs 14.94 crores from undisclosed cash deposits and jewelery, Rs 842.42 crores for fake payments to building material suppliers, Rs 152 crores for fake payments as professional fees, Rs 3152 crores diverted to other companies, 3624 crores from home buyers. Rupees and about Rs 2658 can be raised by selling unsold property.

Action for registry also started
The process has also started to register the buyers of Amrapali’s finished project in Greater Noida. Here the work of verification of the document is going on. However, the buyers are showing apathy in it. So far only 80 people have got the verification done. There are about two and a half thousand buyers who have got possession, but their registry has not been done.


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