Samsung smartphones

South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has announced no security updates in some of its smartphones and tablets. The company has said that it modifies its device with every update, in such a situation, the company has decided that it will no longer provide security updates in Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A3 (2016) and Galaxy Tab S2 L / S. .

Other categories found on Galaxy Tab A 2017: The company’s Galaxy Tab A 2017 has been placed in another category. It has been removed from the list of quarterly updates. This simply means that it will be given updates but there will be no set time. At the same time, a report of Android Police has said that the company included Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy Xcover 4s in the list of devices that will be given monthly updates.

Samsung said it would get regular updates: During the year of Google I / O in 2018, Samsung had committed that it will work closely with Android Sma 1 iPhone Manufacturers and provide regular security patches to the devices. Let us tell you that Google has made it mandatory for Android smartphones to provide security updates for at least two years


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