Journey of a visionary called Jignesh Shah

After successfully setting up 10 exchanges across 6 continents in a span of 10 years Mr. Jignesh Shah is ready for his second innings and he sees 100- times bigger business potential in Start-up industry and which he feels can create a greater number of jobs and opportunities in the country. He feels the Start-up ecosystem if promoted can create up to 10 crore jobs over next decade.

Jignesh Shah said that this time he is even more confident as all court orders are absolving his companies of all the fabricated charges one after another as no agency could prove even a single wrongdoing on his part and or on the part of his companies.

Jignesh Shah, known as ‘India’s Exchange Man’ for launching 10 exchanges across six continents including the top commodity bourse MCX, had to exit all those businesses in the aftermath of the Rs 5,600-crore payment crisis which he says was engineered by then finance minister P Chidambaram and his bureaucratic cronies since they wanted to protect their vested interests in a rival exchange.

By setting up a chain of exchanges in India and overseas, he wanted to make country the Manhattan of the East. But that was derailed by P. Chidambaram by conspiring against him. This resulted in the loss of a million jobs and the reversal of the trajectory of the economy towards world leader status. Now under Modi 2.0, Jignesh Shah hopes to be able to achieve this objective and help put India as the Silicon Valley of the East. Instead of body shopping, the new India would have an IP-based innovation drive, for which he would be a catalyst. 

In the current scenario, Jignesh Shah is hopeful and during his second innings he will be more active in the Start up ecosystem and which will not be restricted to exchange and marketplace. “It will be a majority of IP-based field and we will be nurturing and inspiring entrepreneurs on varied scales which will be agriculture, genetics, robotics, to name a few. Rather than having a monolithic structure, it will be a diverse structure with an understanding of entrepreneurship.” Jignesh Shah’s role will be of a coach vis a vis the entrepreneurs wanting to flourish in the start up ecosystem


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