Those who love dogs will be well aware of how relieved and relaxed their dog’s companionship is. But perhaps dog lovers will also be unaware of how beneficial dog breeding is for their heart health. According to a new study, dog cradling at home can prove beneficial for patients recovering from a heart attack or stroke. Not only this, the risk of cardiovascular disease, ie heart-related diseases , is also significantly reduced in people who take dogs .


In many studies conducted so far, it has been revealed that the blood pressure of those dogs that are raised is much lower than those who do not. The reason for this is that their dogs have a positive effect on the human body and they calm us down, as well as dogs are able to exercise more by moving and moving the dogs. Not only this, there is also a special effect on touching pets i.e. pets, which has a positive effect on the body. In addition, the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride were also found to be low in dog owners.

Dog ownership affects health.
According to this new study, social isolation and decrease in physical activity negatively affect the health of the victims of heart attack or stroke. Researchers at the American Heart Association studied how dog ownership affects health outcomes. According to the researchers, a reduction in social isolation of sick people was observed with dog breeding. His physical activity also improved. Even kept his blood pressure under control.

Your dog helps reduce stress.
Dog rearing people were compared to those with no heart attack or stroke. Found that the risk of death was 33% lower for cardiac patients living with a pet dog. Not only this, if you are in stress then spending time with the dog may prove to be better for you. With the dog, it also helps reduce the risk of heart-related diseases by reducing your mental stress.


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