New Delhi Usha Uthup is known as Queen of Pop. Usha was the first to recognize pop songs in the country. Today is his Happy Birthday. Born in Mumbai on 8 November 1947, Usha hails from a Tamil Brahmin family. From childhood, Usha’s voice was quite heavy and different. She was unfit for general music classes. But Usha did not give up. She continued to sing songs on the stage without training. Later this distinct voice became his identity. She was a big hit in Bollywood in the 70s and 80s due to her fusion technique. Usha has sung 8 foreign and 17 Indian language songs.

Start at nightclub

At the age of 20, Utthup started wearing a sari and singing in a small nightclub called James on Mount Road, Chennai. Usha then went to Delhi via nightclubs like ‘Talk of the Town’ in Mumbai and “Trincus” in Calcutta. Sung in the Oberoi Hotel there. At the same time, Usha Uthup met Shashi Kapoor. After this Shashi Kapoor gave Usha a chance to sing in the film. Usha sang in films like ‘Shalimar’, ‘Shaan, Varadat’, ‘Pyara Dushman’, ‘Armaan’, ‘Races’. 

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